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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, pleasanton police have a mystery on their hands after they find a dead body near the side of the road. i'm christie smith. i'll have a update coming up. and a san jose office building reduced to rubble after a fast-moving fire overnight. why firefighters had such a hard time putting this one out. plus, a bay-area bridge shutting down for the holiday weekend. how to get around it just ahead. and how about a live look at outer space where the space x capsule is about to latch on to the international space station. what a way to start your friday, huh? may 25th, this is "today in the bay." >> going big. good friday morning, everybody. the time now is almost 4:31.
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i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. a whole lot to get to as usual. first, let's check that forecast with christina loren. >> yeah, we've got a big holiday weekend. lots to talk about in terms of your weather with showers on the radar this morning. now, at this point, the showers are still to our north, but that area of low pressure will sag to the south as we head throughout the afternoon and showers on the way to the greater bay area. however, we've still got a good-looking weekend shaping up. i'll take you through your forecast. highs still reaching the 80s before the weekend is done. that's the good news. i'll time it out for you. first, we want to check your drive. mike, good morning. >> good morning, folks. we're looking at the maze and approaching the bay bridge. there are no problems with the flow of traffic unless you look at the actual restrictions for lanes. no slowing, no real slowing at the east shore freeway where it meets the berkeley curve, but two lanes blocked by a crew heading to the toll plaza. and live from the san francisco side, you can see the camera
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shaking, we're on top of a building in california here, but no wind advisory for the bay bridge. there are some advisories out there, though. i'll bring them to you coming up. well, a developing story this morning happening in san jose. parts of an office building are now damaged after an overnight fire. firefighters just clearing the scene minutes ago, this is at saratoga avenue and williams road about a mile north of the west gate mall. the fire began in the attic of the large two-story building about 10:30 last night. firefighters have had such a hard time ventilating the fire because the building has that metal roof. no one was inside at the time. and no injuries have been reported. firefighters say it does not look like the fire was intentionally set. but so far, no word on that cause. we should learn more today about the identity of a body found inside a quiet east bay community. pleasanton police finding a woman dead inside the trash can along dublin canyon road.
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more on this ongoing investigation. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. right now, pleasanton police still trying to figure out who this person is. we know they're treating this as a homicide after finding that body on the side of dublin canyon road. now, this started late yesterday morning, someone called police to report a suspicious garbage can in the bushes on the side of the road. it is a woman, no word on the age or ethnicity or how long this body was inside of that can. pleasanton police say they're not currently investigating the disappearance of any women. but they are talking to other agencies. >> we're reviewing all the flyers that go out with photos and descriptions of anyone who was missing. >> reporter: police asked if this had anything to do with the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar of morgan hill. at this point, though, they say in their words, it doesn't
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appear to be a child. and early on, there were no ind k indications other police agencies were involved. well, the prosecution says they are confident they have enough to convict the suspect now charged in the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge thursday. torres-garcia did not enter a plea deal during his brief court appearance. but new information from the d.a.'s office shows sierra because very close to her home when she was kidnapped. there are questions about whether the prosecution can win its case without a body. santa clara county sheriff lori smith says they are moving forward whether or not the teenager's body is found. >> it's not critical. it will help. but more than that, it's important for the family, it's important for us, it's important for closure. >> garcia-torres was officially charged thursday with murder and kidnapping. the kidnap charge is considered
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a special circumstance which makes this case death penalty eligible. garcia-torres is being held without bail at the main jail. he's due back in court next thursday to enter a plea. breaking her silence. this morning, the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi talking about the deal that she says has ripped her family apart. >> he's paying the price in money. he's paying the price in his family. he's paying a lot. >> that is ileana lopez speaking about her husband ross mirkarimi. mirkarimi has been suspended by the mayor. mirkarimi pleading guilty to a misdemeanor after being charged with brucing his wife's arm during an argument. lopez and her stheo have been trying to escape all this media attention surrounding this intense case.
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4:35. today is national missing children's day. it's a day named for the young boy who was the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton. and now 33 years to the day hep went missing, there is an arrest in this case. 51-year-old pedro hernandez tells officers he lured 6-year-old etan into a convenience store before choking him and throwing his body into the trash. officers say so far hernandez has not offered a motive. there's no physical evidence, but hernandez has signed a detailed confession. hernandez is expected in court this afternoon. and in the bay area, a castro valley family is also honoring their missing daughter today. 14-year-old jenny lynn was murdered at her home in castro valley 18 years ago, back in may of '94. no murder suspects have ever been charged in lynn's killing. her family's holding a ceremony and candle light vigil in memory of her. that ceremony begins tonight at
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6:30 at the castro valley library. overseas he was a soldier, home he was a son and friend. and now the family will be spending a somber day honoring a life cut short. travis morgado died this week when a road side bomb exploded next to his patrol. he had been serving the country since december and this was his very first deployment. now, more than 100 troops have been killed during fighting in afghanistan just this year alone. well, today north bay police officers will be on the job to make sure a holiday tragedy does not repeat itself. novato police will hold a dui check point today in memory of a 9-year-old girl killed three years ago by a drunken motorcyclist on san marin drive. sunday is the third anniversary of that crash. police have not released the time or location of today's check point. now, that check point will be
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one of many to be held throughout the bay area this weekend. the chp and local law enforcement are planning extra patrols to curb drunk driving this holiday weekend. it is 4:38 right now. beware of closing roads and bridges this holiday weekend. the dumbarton bridge will be shut down, the southernmost bridge in the bay connecting menlo park to fremont. it does need some seismic retro fitting affecting all six lanes. the bridge will be closed from 10:00 p.m. tonight all the way to 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. plenty of other traffic headaches for drivers this weekend in the city by the bay, not the least of which will be the heavy traffic and detours related to the golden gate bridge celebration. it's turning 75. shut down between mission and howard street all weekend for work around the new terminal project. the road closure runs from 8:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> and if you're hoping to ride muni to get around that mess,
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consider yourself forewarned here. starting at 7:00 tonight, muni shutting down several key routes for an 11-day stretch. the j church line will only offer between balboa park and market and church streets. the construction will make tracks much smoother and service more reliable. other lines impacted by this construction, the 22-fillmore, the 37-corbett, the 43-masonic. >> christina, loren. good morning. >> yeah, good morning to you. we are going to get really nice weather saturday, sunday, and monday. today we've got the rain on the way. in fact, we are actually tracking showers on the radar right now. we had a little bit of pre-frontal precipitation come to the bay earlier. you don't have to worrying about tacking on any additional time if you're leaving the house
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between now and 9:30. we are expecting more action as that continues to move through the south. winds are still playing a factor. sustained out of the west/southwest at 14 miles per hour in concord and fair field. so you could get caught by a pretty strong gust over your open water bridges this morning. mike and i will be all over that for you this morning. this morning looks good, we stop the clock on your future cast at 9:00 a.m. as you can see, light activity through santa rosa, napa, and ferairfield fairfield. the bulk of the moisture comes through. after that, we're going to clear out just in time for this evening. so if you have evening plans, you want to bring that umbrella with you. but by the time you make your way home, 11:00 p.m., nice and clear. 63 degrees at noon inland, only 68 degrees in the heat of the day. it will not be all that warm. probably requiring a jacket all day long at the coast and bay side hitting 64 degrees at 4:00. mike, you are going to be so busy, what do you have for us?
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>> well, part, in fact, of what you're reporting, the wind. we have wind advisory for the san mateo bridge as highway 92 issued at midnight by the chp, that means they got caught with a gust probably heading over that high-rise. highway 92 also of concern because as jon told you a few minutes ago, the dumbarton bridge is closed starting at 10:00 tonight. that's to the north. the dumbarton bridge is the bridge just south of there, closing tonight at 10:00 so you can use the san mateo bridge or highway 237 just below you. some red on the map, likely because heading southbound approaching marsh. there's construction there and another in palo alto right around university. those speed indicators, the equipment's moving very slowly, but they're working so hard. 880 across the bay, also working hard on high street off the freeway, you might find a crew, as well, heading through downtown blocking a lane with no major slowing. that's a good volume for this time of the day, guys.
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back to you. right now, mike, we go from the roads to outer space. how about this? live pictures from nasa as the space x dragon capsule prepares to connect with the international space station apparently we're looking from the ground view from nasa there. the capsule is carrying about 1,200 pounds of food, water, and clothing and supplies for the station's crew. it'll be repacked with equipment and sent back to earth on may 31st. we'll be tracking this all day long. we'll have some shots from space showing this capsule trying to dock on that space station. that will be historic and very cool. the first commercial capsule so be launched with nasa. >> fascinating stuff. 4:42. record low gas prices everywhere else but here in california. td state is paying a premium at the pump. wanna hear a joke ?
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space capsule. it's 4:45. let's talk some gas prices. the rest of the country will be getting a break on gas prices this memorial weekend, but not here in california. several california refineries are shut downright now for maintenance and there are not many refineries outside california that make the state's clean-burning gasoline. so you're paying more. the average price of a gallon of regular here in california is $4.31. it's nine cents higher than memorial weekend 2008. this weekend, california lawmakers won't be working, be they'll still be getting paid. moving the thursday session to today to accommodate the holiday weekend. this means they'll continue to collect their $142 per diem payment. per diem payments continue as long as the legislature does not take a break of more than three days. so the question is, how much does this cost taxpayers of california? >> for the record, about $65,000.
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4:46 this morning. the government is trying to figure out what to do with our volatile relationship with pakistan and the situation seems to be worse. congress wants to cut millions in aid after pakistan jailed the doctor who helped track down osama bin laden. nbc bay area's tracie potts is in washington as tensions grow, especially after two pakistanis were killed in a raid last year. >> it's never too late for an apology. >> the leader of pakistan's ruling party tells nbc the u.s. should apologize for the border raid that killed 24 of its soldiers last year. >> i'd like the american public to consider what their reaction would have been had 24 american soldiers been killed in such a way on the border with mexico. i think an apology would have been appropriate. >> instead pakistan cut supply lines to our soldiers in afghanistan. they're also upset about drone attacks to track down militants. analysts say the u.s. must work this out. >> they are building more bombs than any other country. this is in a country that is too
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important to ignore -- >> the u.s., meantime, is furious that pakistan jailed the doctor who got dna samples to help the cia track down osama bin laden. the doctor was convicted of treason this week. he got 33 years then the senate voted to cut $33 million in aid. >> this action by dr. afridi to help bring about the reign of terror executed by bin laden was not in any way a betrayal of pakistan. >> reporter: the white house says they're in talks with pakistan's government to reopen the supply lines and expects that will happen. one incentive, pakistan may now be losing money halting the supply trucks across the border. nbc news, washington. the time is 4:48 right now. and today is the last day of
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trading before that long memorial day weekend. and for a check on the markets, we turn it over to seema mody. good morning, seema. >> good morning to you guys. and tgif. let's get to the news. safety regulators are expanding their investigation into engine fires on the chevy cruz. adding the 2012 model year, the probe now covers 370,000 cars. gm says there had been no reports of accidents or injuries, regulators opened the probe in april after getting reports of two fires when the cars were on the road. in other news, mortgage rates continue to drop hitting record lows for a fourth straight week. freddie mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan hit 3.78%. the lowest rate since the 1950s. the 30-year has been below 4% since december, but it hasn't led for an increase in home sales. many are having trouble qualifying for loans or can't
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afford the big down payments. taking a look at the markets, futures are trading higher right now. this comes in after stocks stage another late-day rebound yesterday. yikes, investors were whipped around by news just how committed european leaders are. that continues to be the big question. markets seized on comments from italy's prime minister who says he believes greece should stay in the euro. in terms of global markets, asia and european markets trading higher. we get data on consumer sentiment this morning. that will be a likely market mover. and the bond market closes an hour early, and that's ahead of the memorial day weekend. in terms of how the markets closed last night, the dow closed up by 33 points, nasdaq closing at 2,839. guys, back over to you. >> thank you very much. and she has great earrings on today. >> yeah, i like the purple. is it just me? noticeably colder outside today. >> yes, if you wear any metallic earrings, they will get cold in those ears as metal conducts
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temperature. good morning to you. we've got a really good-looking day. not today. tomorrow, saturday, even monday looking good -- saturday, sunday, and monday look good. today we've got rain on the way. we need it for our air quality. but we wanted to start with this live picture. there she is the golden gate bridge 75 years old as of sunday. big celebrations happening downtown. san francisco, and right here on nbc bay area. if you don't want to fight the crowds, just flip on your television set and we have all the action right here for you all day long. now today, you want to grab that umbrella. it's not raining just yet. any outdoor activities you need to take care of. you probably want to do it early because we are going to see that action for the second half of your day. 51 degrees, it's cold out there to start in sunnyvale, about 8 degrees colder than where we were at this time yesterday. you will notice the difference. 51 to start you out in sunnyvale, high pressure off to the east as low pressure dives to the south. this is going to ride right over us. and as it does so, the core will
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bring in a lot of instability. we are expecting some thunderstorms to fire off later on today. nothing heavy, but possible to see brief heavy downpours, a little bit of pea-sized hail, and gusty winds. you want to keep that in mind and the best timing will be later on on your commute home. high-profile vehicles, keep that in the forefront of your mind. you could get knocked around a little bit on your way home. but we need the rain, we're running a good deficit, we'll take whatever we can get. the good news is, we clear out by tomorrow, up to 78 degrees on sunday, celebrating the golden gate bridge. that forecast all day long. back to you guys. >> we like fun facts. >> indeed we do. it is 4:52 right now. coming up, a fugitive back behind bars, a fugitive penguin after months on the run.
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welcome back. good morning. never too early to take you live to space. take a look at this. this is history in the making. it's the first commercial council care of space x. elon musk, this is the space x dragon preparing to connect to the international space station. we'll continue to follow this all morning long as "dragon" makes its way to the iss to drop off supplies. it is 4:55. >> that is so very, very cool. after 82 days of freedom, a
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fugitive finally captured in tokyo bay. we're talking about a 1-year-old penguin. this guy broke out of a tokyo sea life park back in march and he's been on the run ever since. actually they run more -- kind of like waddle. and this is until thursday this guy was apprehended by a penguin keeper at a local river. a veterinarian will check out the bird before it's put on display for the public. he looks guilty, doesn't he? >> his tuxedo is faded. >> well, he's been out in the wild. >> he could've caused some traffic issues -- >> he would. sea lions, seals on the roadway -- i don't know if they waddle, according to morgan freeman, the penguins march. >> thank you. >> over here, the bridge, the chp as they drove overnight said, hey, look, we got caught with a gust of wind. christina's talking about the weather changing over the course of the day.
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680 south, also through the diablo range watching it through concord and walnut creek. closing eastbound direction from loveridge to somersville. a detour in the area, which we've had for the last week. westbound 580 moves smoothly out of the altamont pass and the wind farms likely generating energy, as well. and we'll look at the golden gate bridge. we have that celebration on sunday. the bridge close from 9:00 probably until just after 10:00. crazy traffic all over the bay. i'll be here sunday. we're talking about it sunday morning, as well. we're talking about it now. look at that beautiful bridge. back to you guys. orgeous bridge.>> gorgeous brid. 4:57 right now. back in a matter of minutes.
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coming up, the interior of a south bay office building gutted after a fast-moving fire overnight. why firefighters had such a tough time putting this thing out. >> reporter: and pleasanton police have a mystery on their hands this morning after they found ay


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